Town Code

The Town of Carefree is responsible for protecting our community's health, safety and welfare through effective enforcement of city codes and ordinances.

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Carefree Town Code Ordinances




Res 2024-03 Adopting Comp Study and Making Public


2023-03 Minor Curfew-Short Term Rentals

Ordinance 2023-05 Final Floodplain Ordinance

Res 2023-05 FY2023-2024 Tentative Budget

Res 2023-02 GMP #3

Res 2023-01 Redevelopment Plan

Res 2023-11 Traffic Calming 11-7-23

Res 2023-12 IGA for ADOR TPT Admin

Res 2023-10 Economic Development Work Plan

Res 2023-08 Trans Funds to Water Co Advance Aid Constrct

Res 2023-07 A Sanderson Lincoln Naming Agreement

Res 2023-06 Adopting - Approving Final Budget 23-24

Res 2023-03 Extending Law Enforcement Services with MCSO


2022-03 Short Term Rentals-Repeal Replace

2022-02 Amending Building Code to 2018

Ord 2022-01 Amendments to Town Code

Res 2022-19 Restricting Use of Property Tax

Res 2022-18 Primary Property Tax Approval

Res 2022-17 Amend Pro Tem Salary

Res 2022-15 Canvass the Vote

Res 2022-14 Never Mind Trail Abandonments

Res 2022-13 Immediate Possession-Aquisition Property Pipeline Project

Res 2022-12 Appoint CFO for Audit General

Res 2022-11 Approving Final Budget 22-23

Res 2022-10 Fully Executed Rural Metro Interim Contract

Res 2022-09 Adopt Tentative Budget and Bottom Line

Res 2022-08 Ten Year Pavement Preventative Maintenance Plan

Res 2022-06 Accepting CIP

Res 2022-05 Call of Election

Res 2022-04 Consultants to transition to Automatic Aid

Res 2022-03 Accepting PSAC Report and Dissolving Committee

Res 2022-02 American Rescue Plan Fund to UCFD

Res 2022-01 ED Resolution and Workplan Amended 2022 signed


Ord 2021-03 Eliminate Civil Traffic Suspension and Rescind 2002-12 and 2013-08

Ord 2021-02 Accessory Structure Rentals 7-6-21

Ord 2021-01 Recreational Marijuana Dual Use

Res 2021-18 Adopting Audit Finding for FY20-21

Res 2021-17 General Plan Amendment

Res 2021-15 Execute CMAR Contract

Res 2021-14 Aid to Advance in Const. Addendum

Res 2021-13 Establishing Redevelopment Area

Res 2021-12 Multi-jur-Hazmat Plan

Res 2021-11 CFO Designation for Auditor General

Res 2021-10 Adopt Final Budget

Res 2021-09 Adopt Tentative Bottom Line

Res 2021-08 Approving App 20-02FP Estates at Carefree Final Plat

Res 2021-07 Applicant Agent for Public Safety DEMA

Res 2021-06 Certified Copy Boulders Condemnation Executed 4-6-21

Res 2021-05 Communications and Community Engagement

Res 2021-04 Parascandola Magistrate Appointment

Res 2021-03 RAGHT Carefree Renewal Membership

2020 Ord 2020-01 Short Term Rental Violations 7-7-2020

Res 2020-11 Econ-Dev Strategic Work Plan

Res 2010-10 Work Plan 20-22

Res 2020-08 Verdakis Settlement

Res 2020-07 Canvass the Vote Final 8-20-20

Res 2020-06 Liberty Utilities Rate Increase 8-11-20

Res 2020-05 Appoint Applicant Agent COVID and Grants

Res 2020-04 Budget Approval FY 20-21

Res 2020-03 Animal Control Services Agreement Amendment 6-18-20

Res 2020-01 Call of Election Mail Ballot Election


Ord 2019-03 Revised Flood Plain Insurance Study Maps and Regulations

Ord 2019-02 Cable Television Code and Fee Structure

Ord 2019-01 Rezone Estates at Carefree 6-4-2019

Res 2019-12 Approving Conversion Plat for View Carefree

Res 2019-11 Appointing CFO for ELR FY2019 FY2020

Res 2019-08 Adopting Uniform Video License Agreement and Application

Res 2019-06 Preliminary Plat for View Carefree 6-4-19

Res 2019-05 Replat Easy Street North

Res 2019-04 Easy Street North 2nd Amended Dev Agree

Res 2019-03 Agree to Enter SAVE

Res 2019-02 Cave Creek Water Condemnation

Res 2019-01 Clerk to Sign Liquor Licenses


Ord 2018-07 Sign Permitted Comprehensive Sign Plans

Ord 2018-06 Rezone NE Corner Cave Creek Rd and Carefree Hwy

Ord 2018-02 Non Storm Water Discharge

Ord 2018-01 StorQuest Special Use Permit

Res 2018-10 Judge Contract Renewal

Ord 2016-06 Repealing Short Term Rental Restrictions

Ord 2016-05 Prohibiting Bicycles in Town Center

Ord 2016-04 Repealing Building Heights

Ord 2016-03 Adopting 2012-2014 Tax Code changes

Ord 2016-02 Regarding Open House Signs

Ord 2016-01 Amend Town Code Mayor-Council-Administration-Court with Full Text Changes Shown


Ord 2015-04 Rezoning Eastwood

Ord 2015-03 Dust Control Amending Subdivision Ord

Ord 2015-02 Dust Control Zoning Ord Amending Art Vii and IX

Ord 2015-01 Dust Control Amending Chpt 6 and 7

Ord 2014-03 Clarifying Zoning Ordinance Title

Ord 2014-02 Business License Required for business located outside of Carefree

Ord 2014-01 Clarifying Zoning Ordinance Title




Ord 2013-08 Court Enhancement Fee Update

Ord 2013-07 Open House Signs

Ord 2013-06 Regulations of Real Estate Signs

Ord 2013-05 Use Tax Implementation

Ord 2013-04 Rezone Residential to Open Space

Ord 2012-03 Amending Article V Uses Permitted in Each Zone and Allowing residential Building Over Commercial 

Ord 2012-02 Board of Adjustment changed to P&Z Commissioners rather than Council Members

Ord 2012-01 Create Open Space-R District




Ord 2011-08 Extending A-Frame Moratorium to 4-31-2013

Ord 2011-07 Amend the subdivision Ordinance-No more subdivision committee

Ord 2011-06 Speed Limit change from 25 to 30 mph Tom Darlington and Cave Creek Roads downtown

Ord 2011-05 through 2010-11 Amendments to the Tax Code

Ord 2011-04 Estate Sales 

Ord 2011-03 Eliminate Subdivision Committee

Ord 2011-02 Medical Marijuana Dispensary 

Ord 2011-01 Monument, Ground, and Tenant Signs

Ord 2010-02 Amended Signage Ordinance

Ord 2010-01 Extension of Sign Moratorium to Feb 2010




Ord 2009-04 Amending Temporary Signs

Ord 2009-01 Amending Section 2-6-4 regarding Publicity Pamphlet Arguments

Ord 2008-03 Sales Tax Code Update

Ord 2008-02 Landscape Debris

Ord 2008-01 Political Signs in the Row




Ord 2007-08 Skateboards in Town Center

Ord 2007-07 Jail Reimbursement

Ord 2007-06 Amending the Code Noise Chapter 6 Article 6

Ord 2007-05 Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance

Ord 2007-04 Revise Subdivision Ordinance

Ord 2007-03 Flood Management

Ord 2007-02 Add Fire Department to Town Code

Ord 2007-01 Amending Town Code-Building Code

Ord 2006-12 Re-Adopting 2007 Tax Code

Ord 2006-11 Construct 150,000 Gallon Water Tank

Ord 2006-10 Development Fees Fire 

Ord 2006-09 Public Safety Police Development Fees

Ord 2009-08 Streets Development Fees

Ord 2006-07 Municipal Facilities Development Fees

Ord 2006-06 Open Space Development Fees

Ord 2006-05 Amending Zoning Ordinance 

Ord 2006-04 Adopting the 2006 Amendments to the Tax Code

Ord 2006-03 Special Use Permit Antenna on Christ the Lord Church

Ord 2006-02 Update Building Code

Ord 2006-01 4 Way Stop, 58 and Leisure, 1 Way Stop 58 and Sentinel, 2 Way Stop 61 and Restin




Ord 2005-09 Amending Zoning Map from R-3 to R1-10, Tranquil Trail and Cave Creek Rd

Ord 2005-08 Commercial Grease Traps Revision

Ord 2005-07 Amendment to Town Code-Call to the public-time allowed to speak

Ord 2005-06 National Flood Insurance Program

Ord 2005-05 Amendments to ZO Article V Section 5

Ord 2005-03 Text Amendment to Zoning Ord

Ord 2005-02 3 Way Stop at Sombrero and Paint Pony

Ord 2004-13 Amended Ch 2 Indemnification and Protection of Council Members

Ord 2004-04 2nd Amendment to Noise Ordinance

Ord 2004-03 RUPD-Carefree Vistas

Ord 2004-02 Adoption of Zoning Ord

Ord 2004-01 SUP for access Rd. for Aribiome Subd



Ord 2003-13 Water Company SUP

Ord 2003-10 Lutheran Church Ordinance-SUP

Ord 2003-09 Amending Munic. Fac. Devel. Fees

Ord 2003-06 All Artists now pay Sales Tax for Art Sold

Ord 2003-05 Court Enhancement Diversion Fee

Ord 2003-04 Privilege License Tax-Sales Tax Amendment

Ord 2003-03 Street Excavation and Construction Private Streets

Ord 2003-02 Special Use Permit T-Mobile Antennae

Ord 2003-01 Revised Cable TV Code

Ord 2002-14 Noise Ordinance-Motor Vehicle

Ord 2002-12 Court Enhancement Fee Changes

Ord 2002-10 Development Agreement-Cave Creek, Carefree Partnership

Ord 2002-09 Rezoning Z02-02 Cave Creek, Carefree Partnership

Ord 2002-08 Amending chapter 5-Town Code

Ord 2002-07 Amending Chapter 6-Town Code

Ord 2002-06 Rezoning Z01-03 Cave Creek, Carefree Partnership

Ord 2002-05 Reducing Speed Limits on Cave Creek Rd from Scopa to Tranquil

Ord 2002-04 Adopting Development Fee Procedure

Ord 2002-03 Open Space Development Fees

Ord 2002-02 Municipal Facilities Development Fees

Ord 2002-01 Street System Development Fees


Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rental registration Form 

Carefree Privilege Tax on Real Property Rentals

Ord 2021-02 Accessory Structure Rentals 

Ord 2020-01 Short Term Rentals Violations 

Ord 2016-06 Repealing Short Term Rental Restrictions