Town Clerk/Treasurer

The Town Clerk/Treasurer is responsible for the management of the Town's vital records, coordinates Town elections and serves as the Town’s Treasurer.

Clerk Duties
  • Attends meetings of Town Council, UCFD and Water Company Boards as official record keeper for the Town and Water Company.
  • Prepares, indexes and files official meeting minutes; coordinates the development and execution of Town Council, UCFD and Water Company Board agenda process and attests to official acts of the Council.
  • Posts and advertises official meetings, public hearings, calls for bids, liquor licenses, documents of public interest, maintains affidavits of publication and posting in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • Maintains official Town records, including ordinances, resolutions, policy issue resolutions, Council action reports, agendas and minutes and contracts in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • Ensures official actions, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds and other formal agreements are attested to and countersigned.
  • Holds and is responsible for the Town Seal.
  • Manages Town Cemetery and associated processes.
  • Oversees Town notary and associated training.
Treasurer Duties
  • Responsible for receiving and safeguarding of all Town monies that shall come into the town and makes payments when authorized by the Town Council.
  • Keeps a separate record and account of each different Town fund, appropriates the monies as prescribed by the Town Council and maintains a complete set of books showing every transaction to/from the town, the fund balance, the funding source/purpose of each fund.
  • Manages monthly reports to the council of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Supervises the annual accounting for all Town receipts and expenditures, revenues, appropriations, balance of any indebtedness issued and the amount of cash on hand.
  • Signs checks as needed by both the Town and Water Company.
  • Reviews sales tax numbers monthly and works closely with Town’s Sales Tax Auditor.
Public Information Requests

Resolution 2014-01 institutes fees to print public information requests.

The attached Public Records Request Form is for your use. Cost and response time is dependent on the information requested. A public information request must be in writing and your written request needs to be for information already in existence. A governmental body is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or create new information in response to your public information request. Please check our website as the information you are seeking may be online.

Administrative Regulations for Public Information Requests
Public Information Request Forms



Contact Info

Kandace French Contreras
Town Clerk
(480) 488-3686

Jim Keen
(480) 488-3686

Kandace French Contreras

Kandace French Contreras