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Right-of-Way Permit Application

  1. Town of Carefree Seal
  2. Pursuant to Section 11-1-2 of the Town Code, all applications must be submitted at least 5 working days prior to the start of construction, and shall be accompanied by at least 3 copies of a drawing, map, blueprint, diagram or similar exhibit sufficient to illustrate clearly the location, dimension, method, traffic control, and purpose of the proposed work. First review of application will be completed in typically 10-15 business days for non-emergency work.

    Applicants for the permit may be either an owner or a contractor. However, the work may be performed only by a contractor, utility company, government agency, or property owner under certain circumstances.

    Applicants shall deposit an amount in cash or a performance bond equal to 100% of the cost of the work proposed in the application as a guarantee that the work will be completed in accordance with the permit. The performance bond shall be in favor of the Town and shall state that the applicant will faithfully complete the work described in the application in accordance with the plan, specifications and conditions thereof.

    A certificate of insurance naming the Town an additional insured shall be submitted at the time of application.
  3. The applicant hereby agrees that all work done in the public streets shall be done in accordance with the permit and with the approved details and specifications of the Town and with all other ordinances, rules and regulations of the Town applicable to such work, including, but not limited to Section 11-1-2 of the Town Code which requires that the right-of-way be restored and repaired in accordance with Town standards and specifications and in such manner that it is returned as nearly as practicable to its original condition and to maintain such restoration and repair for a period of not less than 1 year after its completion.
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  5. No Open Cuts Without Town Approval
  6. Row Permit Fees
  7. Base Fee
    $50 per permit
  8. Water Line
    $.50 per lineal foot
  9. Sewer Line
    $.50 per lineal foot
  10. Storm Drain
    $1 per lineal foot
  11. Trenching in Paved Right-of-Way
    $.40 per foot
  12. Other Utility Trenching
    $.10 per foot
  13. Boring
    $2 per lineal foot
  14. Paving
    $.30 per square yard
  15. Curb & Cutter
    $.20 per lineal foot
  16. Sidewalk Ramps
    $.10 per square foot
  17. Driveway (New - Cut Into Existing Curb)
    $200 each
  18. Catch Basin
    $40 each
  19. Manhole
    $40 each
  20. Plan Review Fees
  21. First & Second Review (Required for Nonfranchise Agreements)
    $150 each permit
  22. Third & Each Subsequent Review
    $75 per sheet
  23. Sewer Line
    $75 per sheet
  24. Work to commence within 90 days or permit becomes void. Permit expires in 180 days.

    Call 480-488-3686 to arrange for inspection 24 hours in advance.

    Final inspection is required upon project completion.
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