Hospitality Growth Strategy  

The Town of Carefree is committed to building upon the original vision its founders started, inviting visitors to experience the natural beauty of the desert environment, the unique array of locally owned and operated galleries, shops, and restaurants, and of course the Carefree Desert Gardens and Sundial.  Today, two Carefree destination facilities bring an estimated 25,000 people to the Town of Carefree.  This is set to grow by an additional 11,000 in 2022.  As a cornerstone to Carefree’s economic diversity, it is estimated these visitors will generate an annual local spend of $21,000,000, which in turn supports the unique local business environment.  


Since its inception in the mid-1950s, Carefree has defined itself as a resort and lodging destination.   Originally built around the Carefree Inn, the Town was known as a relaxation destination to the rich and famous.   Now branded as Civana, anyone can enjoy the tranquil Sonoran environment, and experience the #4 ranked wellness resort in the world (Travel and Leisure Magazine, 2021).  Civana offers 176 rooms, a full-service spa, and two restaurants.  

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Also heralding to Carefree’s roots as a destination is Sprit in the Desert.  Located in Carefree Town Center, on the former International Restaurant site, Spirit in the Desert is a faith-based wellness retreat for the spirit and mind.   The facility offers a spiritual retreat experience with 35 guest rooms, multiple meeting spaces, restaurant, and outdoor meditation space.


Set to open in the Spring of 2022, Hampton by Hilton will bring much new life to the area and add diversity to the lodging mix.  With 97 rooms, balcony views to Black Mountain, and an inviting pool space, the facility will provide a boutique experience supported by the ambiance and charm of the Carefree Town Center and is a perfect complement on the mix of destination alternatives.