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Licensing for short-term/vacation rental properties is now open!


Carefree Ordinance 2022-03 was adopted unanimously by the Town Council in February of this year as a means to address common problems associated with short-term/vacation rentals.  The Ordinance requires rental property owners/operators to obtain a Carefree Permit for each property and comply with several safety, health and neighborhood notification requirements.  The annual license fee is $250 per property. 

Before offering for rent or renting a short-term/vacation rental within the Town, the Owner of that short-term rental, or that Owner’s Representative, shall (i) register the short-term/vacation rental with the Town, (ii) obtain a valid Permit, and (iii) obtain a valid transaction privilege tax license under A.R.S. Title 42.  

The Town's permit applies only to rentals of less than 30 days.  Carefree desires to work with all hosts, guests, and neighbors to maintain the Town's attractive lifestyle.  Please see the Town’s web page for an explanation of the permitting process and required forms:  https://carefree.org/short-term-vacation-rentals

For questions regarding the Permit process, please reach out to:

Dennis Randolph, Town Code Enforcement Officer

email - dennis@carefree.org 

phone - (480) 488-3686