General Plan Amendment

Major General Plan Amendment – Northwest Corner Tom Darlington Dr. and Carefree Hwy.

December 2020, the Carefree Town Council approved the 24-Month Economic Development Workplan.  This plan specifically addressed the economic sustainability and growth of the Carefree resort and lodging base.  Prior to plan approval, evaluation was done on the remaining large tracts of land available, and the 21-acre site, located at Tom Darlington Drive and Carefree Highway chosen as the top site for the addition of a Resort to Carefree.  The site has all the characteristics for a quality high-end resort, with beautiful views and natural landscape, as well as direct access to major arterials,  golf, and other area amenities.  Additionally, Carefree Town Center offers guests a wide array of wellness, dining, and shopping experiences.

From a land use and sustainability perspective, the site is extremely well suited for resort use, as it is adjacent to other commercial uses on the corner, the existing Boulders Resort, and will be complementary to the current Carefree resort mix.  It’s anticipated and estimated that any future resort development will contribute about $12,000,000 in spending to the local economy and $950,000 in direct and indirect tax revenue to the Town.

The Town of Carefree Economic Development Department took the initiative as an applicant for the amendment, which was submitted to the Planning Department in April 2021.  

The following outlines the process and current status (in bold)

April 21, 2021Sent certified notification letters to affected residents and HOAs
May 12, 2021
Held first neighborhood open house
May 26, 2021
Held second neighborhood open house
June 2021
Revised Amendment to include staff and public input
July 2021
Amendment Text and Map draft sent out for statutory 60- day review period with public agencies
September 2021Finalize Amendment Text and Map for Planning and Zoning Commission consideration
October 2021Publish Hearing Notice Advertisement
November 2021Planning and Zoning Public Hearing
December 7, 2021Town Council Public Hearing
December 7, 2021 General Plan was approved by Town Council

Click here for a copy of the approved General Plan Amendment:  General Plan Amendment

updated 2/15/2022

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