Short Term Rentals (STR)

Short Term Rentals (STR)

“Short term rentals” also known as “Vacation rentals” are dwelling units offered for a rental term of less than 30 days to transient guests. According to A.R.S. §9-500.39, local cities and towns including Carefree may not regulate these types of rentals based solely on their classification or use.  However, local municipalities can limit the use of these rentals for nonresidential purposes as defined in the same State law.  Carefree’s Town Council passed Ordinance 2020-01  allowing for such oversight.  Also, State law does not preclude the ability for Homeowner Associations to regulate or restrict these types of uses. 

Therefore, Short term rentals are considered the same as traditional dwelling units and are allowed by-right in all residential districts, subject to the following:

  • All dwelling units and any accessory guest houses must be rented or offered for rent together, and may not be rented or offered for rent independently.
  • Non-residential uses, including retail, restaurant, banquet space, event center, bed & breakfast, or other similar use is prohibited.
  • All Short term rentals have a Transaction Privilege Sales Tax and a Transient Tax liability. A Transaction Privilege Sales Tax license with the State of Arizona Department of Revenue is required. Be sure to list Carefree as a region code on your license. Please visit to register.
  • All rental units, including long term, vacation, and/or short term rentals, shall be registered with Maricopa County, in accordance with A.R.S. §33-1902.
  • The owner of a vacation rental shall register with the Town of Carefree the name and contact information of a person designated as an emergency contact, as well as contact information for owner or owner’s designee for responding to complaints.  The owner will also apply for a Carefree Business License.


How to Register your Short Term/Vacation Rental

To register your short term rental with the Town of Carefree, please fill out the SHORT TERM VACATION RENTAL REGISTRATION FORM and email it to Dennis Randolph at or fax it to 480-488-3845 attention Dennis Randolph.