Astonishing Sand Sculpting By World Renowned Artist Ray Villafane 

In Spring of 2016, world renowned sculptor, Ray Villafane, made an impact on the sand sculpting community, creating an award winning larger-than-life 24 ton sand sculpture out of silt sourced from the bottom of the Salt River in Arizona. His masterpiece took 14 days to complete and was on display in the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion through the summer of 2016. The Town hopes to have Ray back to create another large than life exhibit in 2017. 

Ray also creates the Carefree Pumpkin Garden in October for the Town. Over 50,000 people visited the 2016 exhibition with major media outlets traveling the country to see his unparalleled work.

 Press Release on Sand Sculpting
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From Left: Ray Villafane and artist Sue Beatrice owner of    All Natural Arts . Ray has a team of skilled professionals he calls upon to collaborate on exhibits. You might remember Sue Beatrice as she carved pumpkins at the Enchanted Pumpkin Garden in Carefree in 2015.
Samples of Ray Villafane's Global Sand Creations:
Ray Villafane, standing next to one of his creations in Niagara Falls, N.Y.
One of Ray's first sculptors in 2008 was for the annual sand sculpting project in the town of Jeselo, Italy in the the province of Venice called the "Nativity Scene". Soon invited back due to his overwhelming following to sculpt Dante's Inferno. 
Just blocks away from Red Square and the Kremlin, Ray was part of an international team that was commissioned by the Cathedral of Christ Our Saviour, one of Moscow's largest cathedrals. Ray carved the portion of the sculpture of which two other sculptors worked on as well- it was part of a larger piece carved by others that is not shown.
Invited to Germany where Ray has fun sculpting personalities of all types! This is a tribute to Franz Messerschmidt, a German sculptor from the 1700's who did studies of individuals in exaggerated facial expressions. 
Invited back to Jeselo, Italy to create "Dantes Inferno" one of the most pivotal sculptures of the local sand show.