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See you next Fall! (Classes are closed for the summer)

Thanks to the Desert Foothills YMCA who offer's a free community yoga class called “Yoga in the Gardens”, located underneath the historical Carefree Sundial every Monday at 11 - 12 p.m. 
Location: 101 Easy Street, Carefree

This free, all levels, class will explore yoga movement with the beautiful backdrop of Black Mountain and the sounds of the reflecting pool underneath the Carefree Sundial. Just show-up, and bring a friend and your yoga mat for a one of a kind yoga experience!  YMCA for more information!

About the Instructor: Kathryn Turnwald
I have been practicing yoga since 2007 – studying at both SWIHA and Sutra Midtown. I believe that yoga is a relationship with one's self. It is an exploration of your comfort, strength, mind, and of course body. Also, I think it is important that people know that yoga is for everyone. Yoga is not just something you do on the mat, but it is a practice of self love, of honoring your limits, and of taking yourself on a journey of awareness. 

What attendees are saying...
"My wife Linda and I have TRULY appreciated the Monday yoga classes sponsored by the "Y" near the Pavilions!  Our enjoyment in no small way can be directly attributed to the excellent instruction, wonderfully communicated to the students in a very 'non-judgmental' style by one of the finest teachers that we have ever taken yoga classes from - Kathryn!  Both you and the "Y" should be proud to have the likes of Kathryn representing you!"
Mark from Minnetonka, MN

Wednesday's, 9–11
Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion

Qigong exercise is designed to cultivate your Mind, Body, and your Spirit; revitalize your Chi, the life force energy by deep breathing and synchronized movements. “Qi” or “Chi” means energy. Gong is translated as work or cultivations. Therefore Qigong refers to the exercise of one’s internal energy.

The practical components of healing and stress management are most effective aspects of the tradition in Qigong practice. Qigong enhances the bodies natural healing and spontaneous balancing. Everyone has Chi, but most people don't know how to use it. Through training to relax, concentrate and use minimal physical effort.
Class is $8 
More information on the benefits of Tai Chi and instructor Bina Bou Visit: TaiChiEasy

Qigong tai chi flyer for carefree sundial