Carefree KIWANIS Splash Park OPEN! 

THANK YOU to the local Carefree Kiwanis for donating the funds to build this beautiful new addition to the east side of the Carefree Desert Gardens!
It has been a hit with families in the surrounding Desert Foothills area.

In keeping with the Carefree Desert Garden theme, there is a Scorpion centered within the splash pad named "KIWANI" who is an exciting one-of-a-kind addition!   The Scorpion comes to life when guests least expect it, creating an all new level of interactivity and team play experience.  It is an exciting focal point for Carefree’s water park, and combined with the other ground spray jets, create a magical, nature-inspired play environment.
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HOURS: April - Oct. 15,  
9 am to 7 pm