Special Event Application Packet 

A special event application is required to conduct a special event or activity in the Town of Carefree and are based on availability. 

Application Fee Schedule: 
Basic Special Event fee is $200* a day (non-refundable) 
Multiple 3 Day Event  fee is $800* for 3 days (non-refundable)
* Includes restroom maintenance plus supplies for the duration of the event

For consideration, and date availability please call Town Hall.
COMPLETE set of special event forms need to be turned in once a date has been cleared.
Checks can be made out to the Town of Carefree and turned in with application.
Town Hall, 8 Sundial Circle, Carefree, AZ 85377  Questions? 480.488.3686

Special Events Application* 
Insurance Acknowledgement 
VENDOR Applications for Special Events (Pumpkin & Christmas)
Conditions of Use
Facility Rental Fee Agreement
Map of Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion 
Map of Gardens/Easy Street 
Map of Downtown- Google Earth Barricades

Addition Information
Technical Spec Sheet for Sanderson Lincoln Stage
Branding standards for the use of the Carefree Town Logo 

* Large events over 1,000 attendees require a Vendor Parking Verification Letter from private property owner for the use of their land with detailed sketches of the layout. Applications will not be approved without this letter.