Why Live in Carefree?

Carefree is a rural, residential town of approximately 3,500 people, residing in 1,900 homes, slightly more than 8 square miles in area, located in the northeast portion of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Carefree is nestled around Black Mountain and its land mass also continues to the northeast of this prominent landmark.  Ask our residents what made them move to Carefree and many will mention the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert, the clean air, less traffic and ideal for people who treasure peace and tranquility in their surroundings. 
Once living in Carefree, residents stay because of the people and the outdoor lifestyle available to them. Carefree residents are active and involved in a broad cross-section of activities. Ranging from young families to retired professionals, they are all living their lives to the fullest. Many Carefree residents participate in a number of activities ranging from involvement in the local schools, participating in activities offered by one of the local churches and the numerous non-profits, and dining with friends at the many fine restaurants throughout the Desert Foothills. 

Fast Facts...

- Temperatures in Carefree are typically 5 to 7 degrees cooler than the adjacent towns to the south. Carefree has an elevation of approximately 2,700 feet, considerably higher than Scottsdale at 1,250 feet and Phoenix at 1,100 feet.

- Carefree does not assess a town specific real estate tax.  Annual real estate taxes in Carefree are approximately half of what would be charged for an identical residence in cities and towns which have town specific real estate taxes as an add-on to the annual real estate taxes assessed by Maricopa County. For a median priced home in Carefree with a full cash value of $535,000, the incremental annual tax cost for an identical home in Scottsdale would be $3,100,  and $2,900 in Phoenix.

This considerable annual tax savings in Carefree is accomplished while the Town funds full fire and police coverage for our citizens and with our children enjoy award winning public schools funded through Maricopa County taxes. 

- Additionally, Carefree property owners are not subject to Rural Metro Fire protection annual fee of about $1,000 per home as are experienced in some nearby communities.

- Unlike some neighboring communities, Carefree does not apply Development Fees to new construction.

School-aged children who live in Carefree typically attend public, charter or private schools within the Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD). The main campus is just south of Carefree Highway at 56th Street.  
- Cave Creek Unified School District  - Cave Creek Montessori
- Dynamite Montessori   - Foothills Academy 

There are multiple churches located in or near Carefree including:
- Christ the Lord Lutheran Church - Desert Hills Presbyterian Church
- Good Shepherd Episcopal Church  - Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church

There are many established and locally supported non-profit organizations who have established programs for volunteers and are continually seeking additional help and expertise. 
- Carefree-Cave Creek Kiwanis - Desert Foothills Library
- Desert Foothills Theater - Desert Foothills Land Trust
- Foothills Animal Rescue  - Foothills Caring Corps
- Foothills Community Foundation - Foothills Food Bank

- 3.5 acre Carefree Desert Gardens in downtown Carefree with rare specimen plants  and cacti open 365 days 
- Sunday Concerts in the Spring within the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion
- Numerous golf courses and hiking/biking trails throughout the area
- Thunderbird Artists Fine Art Fairs in downtown Carefree 3 times a year
- Farmers Market every Friday morning under the iconic Sundial
- Kiwanis Splash Park within the Gardens, and Gila Monster Slide and shaded
- Carefree Christmas Festival and Enchanted Pumpkin Garden Exhibits 

- Honor Health Urgent Care with two new facilities opening in the area in 2016
- Thompson Peak Hospital
- Ready access to Scottsdale North Hospital, Mayo and Barrows Neurological Institute

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