Business Licenses

Obtaining a License

In 2010, the Town of Carefree passed Ordinance #2010-05, which amended the Town Code regarding business licenses. To obtain an annual business license, please submit the Business License Application Form (PDF) and a $40 fee. After the application is processed, the business license will be issued and delivered via mail or hand delivery. Read a summary of the Business License Requirements (PDF).


New businesses must obtain a business license prior to opening for business. Existing businesses are to renew their license annually by no later than July 1 of each calendar year.

The following are the types of businesses requiring a business license:
  • Nonexempt business entities located in Carefree
  • Individuals or businesses renting any number of commercial units
  • Individuals or businesses renting 2 or more residential units in Arizona, with at least 1 unit located in Carefree
A business license is not required for the following exempt entities:
  • Any service oriented home occupation
  • Nonprofit 501(c) organizations
  • Churches (places of worship)
  • Public schools
  • Utilities
  • Temporary / transient businesses operating with a vendor’s permit
  • Agencies of any federal, state or local governments

Primary Objective

The primary objective of this program is to market business in Carefree. Town staff maintains database with information that will be used for a Carefree business directory on the Town’s website. The database assists both the Town and business community with data, maps and studies that help us understand existing conditions, make projections, and develop programs to enhance Carefree’s marketability and economic vitality.