Election Results

Primary Election

All-Mail Ballot Election Results

The Town of Carefree has received the final official results of the August 30, 2016 Primary Election. 

    That the total number of votes cast for Mayor at the Primary was 982. 
    That the total number of votes cast for Council Members was 4,820. 
     That the total number of ballots rejected was 16. 
     That the valid votes cast for the candidates for Mayor and Councilmembers were as follows: 
  • Mayor:
    • Les Peterson - 970 votes
  • Councilmembers:
    • John Crane -         833 votes
    • Michael Farrar -     787 votes
    • Michael Krahe -      777 votes
    • Cheryl Kroyer -       829 votes
    • Gene Orrico -         788 votes
    • Jim Van Allen -       788 votes
    • Write In Candidate   19 votes
It was determined and declared of record, that Mayor Les Peterson was duly elected as Mayor for the Town of Carefree, by a majority vote.

It was further determined and declared of record, that the following candidates for Council were duly elected by a majority vote: 
  • John Crane
  • Michael Farrar
  • Michael Krahe
  • Cheryl Kroyer
  • Gene Orrico
  • Jim Van Allen
 All seats were filled and there will be no General Election in November.